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落書き by 夢見屋@カンガルーキック

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


【カノキド】僕達結婚しました♡ by 美花 鈴蘭

※Permission was granted by the artist to translate and post this comic.


Made some more stickers to put around campus and Santa Fe




Gentle reminder that people working in customer service are paid to be nice to you and you should not fucking flirt with them because you’re probably making them extremely uncomfortable you piece of shit don’t force us into engaging your gross ass

Please and thanks


Kiss kiss fall in love


Is IKEA even real

"The bath-house and the old lady that’s there, and the gods… I like that kind of world. They’re very intriguing. That other world has much depth and there’s a lot of different kinds of people inhabiting it — that’s what I like to work with. It’s not a small contained world, it’s actually a world that stretches out, a place that it’s normal that when it rains there’s a sea the next day…So that’s why Spirited Away evolved into that kind of film. And it was so much pain and care and labour I don’t know why I do these things!" (Miyazaki)